Transient Permission

Transient Permission

Regularly enrolled students who desire to take any course at another institution on a transient basis and transfer it back to WCU, must secure the appropriate approvals before enrollment at the other institution. Students must be in good standing and academically eligible to re-enroll at Western Carolina University to secure transient permission.

Transient Permission Procedures

  1. Request a copy of the proposed institution's course schedule to ensure that the coursework will be offered during the transient term.
  2. Secure course description(s) to facilitate the transfer evaluation. Course equivalencies must be verified by an authorized individual (Advisor and/or Department Head). If the proposed institution is a North Carolina Community College, course descriptions are not required. For North Carolina Community College equivalencies see Course Transfer Policies and Evaluations. These equivalencies require no further authorization.
  3. Transient Permission Forms can be obtained from the Registrar’s Forms Page, the departmental office or the Registrar's Office. The student may be instructed to obtain a departmental evaluation.
  4. Signature of the Department Head of your major is required. If your major is undecided, the signature of the Director of the Advising Center should be obtained in lieu of the Department Head's signature. The Registrar’s Office will verify your academic standing and scan a copy of the form to the student's catamount email.
  5. Upon completion of the course(s), the student should request that an official transcript be forwarded to the WCU Admissions Office for processing. NOTE: Only courses(s) passed with a grade of C or better may be transferred.

Please Note: Students should consult with their academic advisor when determining courses to complete at another institution. The Registrar's Office will assist in determining the WCU equivalent of a transfer course; however, the Registrar's Office does not provide academic advisement with regard to the appropriateness of the course for a student's degree program.

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