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OAR Alternate Format Textbook Request

Alternate Format Textbook Request and Agreement


OAR can provide alternate format books if this is agreed upon in your Accommodations Plan.

To expedite receipt of alternate format textbooks, eligible students requesting textbooks should first attempt to obtain accessible copies of textbooks through the following locations:

  • Bookshare ( –free membership for qualifying individuals
  • E-text –see if an electronic version is available for purchase instead of buying a paper copy.
  • CourseSmart ( online retailer that claims to have over 90% of course texts in use today

If you are unable to find an alternative format from the above, please click on the link above to submit the online Alternate Format Textbook Request and Agreement. OAR will contact publishers to obtain accessible PDFs. Once we obtain accessible PDFs, you will be notified via email.

You can then use text-to-speech assistive technology built in to your computer, Adobe Reader, or downloaded (such as Natural Reader). If the publisher is unable to provide alternative format via PDF, OAR will contact you to discuss further options for access.

Alternate format books are protected under copyright law. When you complete the Alternate Format Textbook Request and Agreement, you are agreeing to abide by these laws. You are not to share these materials with any other party nor to use them in any manner not provided for in the agreement.

All alternate format materials are to be returned by the end of each semester. If not returned, holds may be placed on your transcript, registration, and/or graduation.

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