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Alternative Format Textbook Request Process

Students who receive accommodations for Alternative Format Textbooks (AFT) can submit requests for digital textbooks on their AIM profile by following the instructions below. Once obtained, all textbooks are uploaded into students Kurzweil 3000 accounts. 

Please be aware that this process can potentially take from one to three weeks, so students should begin their AFT request(s) as soon as possible prior to the start of the term to have their materials by the time classes begin. 

1.    If you are requesting a digital format of a rental textbook, you must have paid the WCU Bookstore rental fee for that semester before submitting your Alternate Format Textbook Request to our office.

    If you are requesting a digital format of a purchased textbook, you will be required to upload proof of purchase in your AIM profile under the Alternative Formats tab.

2.  How to Submit Alternative Format Textbook Requests

Once obtained by the OAR, Digital Textbooks are uploaded into the students Kurzweil 3000 account. If you have not created a Kurzweil 3000 account, you may do so by completing the Kurzweil 3000 User Sign Up linked below. Please keep note of the Username and Password you are given; you will need this to log into your Kurzweil 3000 account. To learn more about Kurzweil 3000, visit our Assistive Technology webpage.

 Create Your Kurzweil 3000 Account

 Log into Kurzweil 3000

Your book might be available for free, online, without having to submit an AFT request to the OAR! Visit Bookshare (, and search for your book. Students registered with the OAR may sign up for a free individual membership with Bookshare, gaining access to over a million e books. Sign up for Bookshare by following the instructions below.  

Sign Up for a Bookshare Individual Membership 

Alternate format books are protected under copyright law. When you complete the Alternative Format Textbook Request, you are agreeing to abide by these laws. You are not to share these materials with any other party.

All alternative format textbooks will be deleted from your Kurzweil account at the end of the semester

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