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Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR)

Mission & Goals 

It is our mission to remove barriers and ensure equal access for all qualified students with disabilities.

In support of this mission, the goals of the Office of Accessibility Resources are to:

  • Serve as advocates for accessibility for students with disabilities while promoting student independence, self-determination, and responsibility;
  • Coordinate and provide accommodations and related support services for accessibility for students with disabilities;
  • Provide training and resources for faculty, staff, and administration around accessibility for students with disabilities;
  • Provide consultation, information, and outreach to parents and prospective students regarding accessibility and accommodations for students with disabilities;
  • Foster awareness and understanding University-wide of issues of accessibility in all aspects of campus life;
  • Assist the University in supporting the civil rights of students with disabilities as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), its amendments (ADAAA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) provides campus-wide accessibility services and reasonable accommodations for eligible students. The OAR supports disability as an aspect of diversity and inclusion that is integral to our campus community and society.

Students who are requesting accommodations for the first time should register with us as soon as possible once they have identified a barrier or need.

Requesting Accommodations

Students register for accommodations via AIM (Accessible Information Management), our online portal. You will need to use your myWCU login.

After registering, students will be emailed by OAR and will arrange a virtual intake meeting to determine proper accommodations.

Students with approved accommodations are provided an Accommodation Letter, which they will share with their instructors.

Accommodations We Offer

  • Academic: determined on a case-by-case basis via an interactive intake meeting with one of our staff.

  • Testing: extended time with reduced distractions, all within our OAR Test Proctoring Center in Killian Annex.

  • Temporary Disability Accommodations: the OAR can provide short-term accommodations if you have a temporary disability due to an injury or medical condition.

Services We Offer

Services Through Other Offices

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