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Professional Readiness Entry Program (PREP)



PREP is an extensive 10 week summer program to assist pre-professional students in having a competitive application when applying to graduate professional program.

PREP will provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Complete 2 required prerequisite courses
  • Prepare for a graduate exam (GRE,MCAT)
  • Job shadow in their field of choice
  • Establish a competitive resume & application
  • Acquire academic and life skills for success

Application Date: TBD

Course Options: TBD



Regular Summer Tuition & Fees Applies.
Financial Aid (if eligible) & Summer Scholarships can be used to help with cost.
Students are eligible to apply for the AIMS Scholarship  
For more information on Summer Rates & Scholarships, click here.


Do I have to be in a particular major? No, all WCU students interested in a pre-health profession can apply.
Is there a GPA requirement? No.
How many students are accepted into the program? 10 spots are available.
How does the university determine who will be accepted? The Pre-Professional Health Team will review all applicants and make decisions based on personal statements and professional placement opportunities. 
Who should I contact if I have more questions? Advising Center,

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