Admission Criteria

High school students entering WCU

Students must be accepted to WCU to prior to acceptance to The Honors College. Admission to The Honors College is very selective. Students must meet at least one of the following criteria for consideration. The more of the criteria the student meets, the more likely he/she is to be accepted.

  • minimum 1310 SAT - if taken after March 2016
  • minimum 1870 SAT (three part) or 1240 SAT (two part) - if taken prior to March 2016
  • minimum 30 ACT
  • minimum 4.2 weighted cumulative HS GPA
  • minimum 3.8 unweighted cumulative HS GPA
  • Ranking within the top 10 or top 10% of one’s high school class

The Honors College generally sends out notices of acceptance about two weeks after an Office of Admissions notification date. Students are screened at admission. There is no need for a student to do an Honors College application. Students are notified through the mail.

First-year, first-semester students enrolled at WCU

First-year students at WCU who complete at least 15 hours of WCU credit in the fall semester, and maintain a GPA of at least 3.5, are eligible to apply to join The Honors College for the spring term. To apply please complete The Honors College Online Application.

Students transferring to WCU

Transfer students must have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA (on at least 15 credit hours) at their most recent, previous institution. Transfer students must apply to The Honors College to be considered. To apply please complete The Honors College Online Application.

Transfer students from Honors Programs at select NCCC's may transfer to The Honors College with up to twelve hours of honors credits. Contact The Honors College office or consult with your Honors advisor to ensure your credits transfer.

Transfer students from another four-year NCHC institution where the student was an Honors student in good standing in that institution's Honors College or Honors Program, and who have been accepted to The Honors College at WCU, are eligible to apply for up to twelve hours of Honors credit from their previous institution to count toward the 24-hour requirement for the Honors Degree. A list of NCHC member institutions can be found on the NCHC website here. Transfer students who would like to bring in honors credits from their previous institution should contact their Honors advisor to start the review process and to ensure that the transfer is properly acknowledged and credited. 

Students already enrolled at WCU

Students already enrolled at WCU who have achieved a 3.5 or above cumulative GPA are welcome to apply for Honors admission. To apply please complete The Honors College Online Application.

Please contact The Honors College Office at 828.227.7383 for more information.

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