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Preservation of Culture & History

Jackson County is an area of North Carolina with extensive Native American and Appalachian roots. There are many educational resources for both residents and visitors to gain understanding of this history. Culture serves as a reflection of a community’s values, traditions, and shared experiences. It provides a sense of belonging and unity among residents. It fosters a sense of pride and maintains Jackson County’s distinct identity. This country's history includes shared struggles, achievements, and progress that have shaped who the residents are today. The preservation of culture and history in Jackson County is essential for maintaining a cohesive community, nurturing a sense of pride, and guiding the county’s growth and development.

Community Partners that actively work with WCU in the Preservation of Culture & History focus area are listed below. If you are interested in working on a project with one of these organization, please contact the CCESL office. For all volunteer opportunities, visit the CCESL Engage page.

Folkmoot USA

Each summer since 1984 musicians and dancers from across the globe have visited the North Carolina mountain town of Waynesville as part of the Folkmoot International Dance and Music Festival. More than 8,000 international performers from 200 countries have participated through the decades. Now located in the historic Hazelwood School, Folkmoot has transitioned to a year-round cultural center, with a focus on programs and events that celebrate diversity, encourage cultural inclusion, and honor worldwide cultural heritages, especially using dance and music as a tool to achieve world peace.

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