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Disabilities & Accessibility

“Nestled in the mountains of western North Carolina, Jackson County has some of the most scenic mountain vistas in the United States. With endless mountain views, towering waterfalls, and the cool mountain air, everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoor activities that make Jackson County so unique” (Sourced from Nearly a quarter of people live with a disability and lack of accessibility ranging from healthcare to recreation can make it extremely difficult for people living with disabilities to enjoy where they live.

According to the CDC, 2,198,903 adults in North Carolina have a disability. This is equal to 26% or 1 in 4 adults in North Carolina living with a disability. People living with disabilities are also at risk for experiencing higher levels of health disparities such as depression, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Community Partners that actively work with WCU in the Disabilities & Accessibility focus area are listed below. If you are interested in working on a project with one of these organization, please contact the CCESL office. For all volunteer opportunities, visit the CCESL Engage page.

Westbridge Vocational

WestBridge Vocational is a social enterprise connecting people to opportunity through our quality-driven manufacturing. We are dedicated to empowering all people with barriers to employment by providing training opportunities that inspire them to learn, earn, and thrive in a world that may not understand their needs.

We support our mission mainly through the production of disposable medical devices such as surgical drapes and wraps. Our products are purchased by leading medical suppliers who rely on quality workmanship. 

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