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Animal Advocacy

Animals, both domestic pets and wild, are oftentimes a huge part of our lives. These creatures are essential for both human companionship and maintaining functioning ecosystems. Animal advocacy can take many forms, and this work is crucial to promoting animal welfare, addressing ethical dilemmas, safeguarding public health, fostering education and awareness, and motivating legal and policy changes. 

Community Partners that actively work with WCU in the Animal Advocacy focus area are listed below. If you are interested in working on a project with one of these organization, please contact the CCESL office. For all volunteer opportunities, visit the CCESL Engage page.

ARF (Human Society of Jackson County)

ARF (Humane Society of Jackson County) is a network of foster parents, not a shelter. We keep animals in our homes for local adoption or transport, and that is our greatest need. 

However, we are always looking for other help–board members, fundraisers, web designers, social media people, publicists and writers and photographers for our newsletter, drivers, spay/neuter clinic staff, and more.

Office of Web Services