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Campus themes constitute one example of a high impact practice that provides students with common and collaborative educational experiences, opportunities to connect curricular and co-curricular learning, and explorations of disciplines through a common lens.  While participation is optional by students, faculty, and staff, we encourage the integration of our campus theme in your classes, events, and activities.

Campus Theme 2018-19: Defining America

After a campuswide poll last fall, the selected theme the 2018-19 academic year is “Defining America.” Since 2009, WCU has selected an interdisciplinary theme for campus conversations, curricular and co-curricular connections, and enrichment. Read more.

Campus Theme related programs and events will be classified in to three categories: 1) supported, 2) funded, and 3) signature.  Supported events will receive promotion/marketing assistance. Funded events will receive financial support (either partial or full funding, depending on the committee’s decision), along with promotion/marketing assistance. Signature events are those that the Campus Theme Committee will be heavily supporting and funding, and in some instances creating, and will be the larger scale/campus-wide events.

If you have an upcoming program/event that you would like to request support for, please fill out the request form that can be found under the Call for Requests tab.

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Amy Murphy-Nugen, Social Work
Angela Dills (co-chair), Economics
April Tallant, Health Sciences
Ben Pendry, Advancement
Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, Human Services
Dana Patterson (co-chair), Intercultural Affairs
Fiona Buchanan, Student
Glenda Hensley, First Year Experience
Holli Stillman (support), Undergraduate Studies
Ian Jeffress, Music
Indiah Witherspoon, Student
Jane Adams Dunford, Student Affairs
Jay Gerlach, Public Affairs
Jenifer Montoya, Student
Lane Perry, Service Learning
Lauren Fulkenberry, Marketing
Marti Newbold, DegreePlus
Munene Mwaniki, Sociology
Peter Koch, Mountain Heritage Center
Ricardo Nazario-Colon, Chief Diversity Officer
Stephanie Sue Rowell, Campus Activities
Tina Adams, Hunter Library

The Campus Theme committee invites requests for promotion and/or funding support for programs and events related to the implementation of the 2018-19 campus theme.

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