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Rebekah Henderson

Rebekah Henderson

Associate Instructor

College of Education and Allied Professions

Human Services

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3845
Office: 122-E Reid Gymnasium Building
Pronouns: She/her/hers


Rebekah Henderson is a full-time instructor in Parks and Recreation Management at Western Carolina University, and is a long-time educator and recreation professional. Her passion is exploring and applying experiential learning methodologies to create a more dynamic and engaging learning process for students. As an environmental educator, she enjoys helping students make meaningful connections to the natural world while equipping them with the knowledge and tools to work toward a more sustainable future. She has a background working as an educator in various National Parks and public lands. Her experience also includes serving as a camp director and working with undergraduate students in an accredited international outdoor adventure and learning semester program. Before coming to Western, Rebekah served as a science and outdoor education teacher in an international school in Costa Rica. Her teaching interests include responsible recreation, public land management, group facilitation and group dynamics, program planning, and outdoor activity courses.


  • MS, Southern Oregon University, Environmental Education

Teaching Interests

As an educator, I think of myself as a facilitator of learning whose role is to empower my students to be involved in their own educational process and to apply learning beyond the immediate context.<br><br>Courses include:<br><br>PRM 270: Leadership and Group Dynamics<br>PRM 361: Programming Planning and Evaluation<br>PRM 362: Sustainable Recreation and Public Land Management<br>PRM 354: Outdoor Living and Expedition Skills<br>PRM 427: Wilderness Education<br>PRM 430: Entrepreneurship and Commercial Recreation <br>PRM 322: International Adventure Travel and Global Citizenship<br>PRM 365: Nature Rx<br>PRM 310: Stand Up Paddle boarding

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