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Patient Information

Rights and Responsibilities

Our Pledge to You

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your medical and health information. We create a record of the care and services provided to you and use this record to provide the highest quality of care to you while complying with state and federal requirements.

This notice applies to all of the records that we maintain. We are required by law to make sure that medical information that identifies you is safeguarded; to give you our Notice of Privacy Practices, and to follow the terms of the current notice.

 You have the right to expect that Health Services will:

  • To be treated with respect, dignity, and consideration of the individual patients values and beliefs.
  • To be free from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, neglect, and exploitation while under the care of Health Services.
  • To receive the best care available for your problem, without regard to national origin, race, age, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation,  disability, or illness.
  • To know the identity and professional status of individuals providing your care.
  • To understand your diagnosis, condition and treatment and make informed decisions about your care after being advised of material risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • To be informed about the outcomes of your health care, including unanticipated outcomes.
  • To have your pain assessed, treated and managed appropriately.
  • To participate in decisions involving your health care and in resolving conflicts about care decisions.
  • To refuse care, treatment, or services in accordance with law and regulation and to be informed of the medical consequences of such action.
  • To refuse participation in research studies.
  • To request a referral to another health care provider for a second opinion concerning your health issues.
  • To confidential treatment of disclosures and records, and to approve or refuse the release of such information, except where release is required by law.
  • To a safe and accessible environment.
  • To have your bill explained and receive information about charges that you may be responsible for.

Notice of Privacy

  • To make advance directives and have them followed.
  • For more information on advance care planning please visit the NC Advance Directive Registry.
  • To voice concerns and/or recommend changes in policies and services.
  • To request a referral to another health care provider for a second opinion concerning your health issues.

Reporting a Complaint or Grievance
All grievances will be reported to the Director of Health Services. This may be done in person, by telephone or by email. Once received, the director will fill out the incident report form and respond to the patient within 24 hours. If satisfaction is not received, the director will refer the grievance to the Office of Student Affairs for review.

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Your Rights about Your Protected Health Information

You have the right to request to see and obtain a copy of the medical information that may be used to make decisions about your care as maintained in our designated record set.

If you feel that your medical information is incorrect, you have the right to request an amendment

You have the right to request a list of the disclosures we have made of your information.

You have the right to restrict disclosure of your information to your health plan (insurance) for services that you pay in full out of pocket.

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