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Health Services: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is campus health located?

On the upper campus, turn right at the stop light and then immediately left to enter Bird Lane and the Bird Building patient parking area. The building is directly across the street from McKee.

Q: What are regular hours?

Health Services is open from 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday year round. The department does observe university designated holidays and is closed on those days. Hours of operation might be adjusted to a later start time or earlier close time in the event of adverse weather conditions. Any operational changes will be updated on the Health Services’ phone message at 828.227.7640.

Q: Do you take walk-in appointments?

Walk-in appointments are not available; however, same day appointments are available after evaluation by the phone triage nurse. Call 828.227.7640 to discuss you symptoms and concerns.

Q: How do I access care after hours?

WCU EMS is a basic life support ambulance service that offers 24 hour care to the WCU community throughout the fall and spring semester while classes are in session. The service is licensed by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services to transport patients to Health Services on the WCU campus or to Harris Hospital Emergency Department in Sylva, NC. To request emergency care from WCU EMS, please call 828.227.8911.


Q: Am I eligible to receive care through Health Services?

Any student registered for residential credit hour classes in the current semester, not a distance education program, is accessed the student health fee as part of the WCU tuition and fees process. That fee allows access to care in Health Services, regardless insurance.

Q: What if I am not enrolled in the UNC system student health insurance plan?

If you are charged the student health fee, you are eligible for care regardless of what type of medical insurance you have. The UNC system mandates insurance coverage to help ensure students have the means to access healthcare away from campus, or for services that are more extensive than offered in Health Services, such as hospitalizations.


Q: Why is it necessary to be asked such personal questions at my visit?

The staff at Health Services is dedicated to providing the best and safest health care for you. In order for providers to make a correct diagnosis and formulate the best treatment plan, they may need to ask questions related to your gender identity, sexual orientation and practices, or history of recreational substance use. Everything discussed with your health care provider is considered confidential and protected health information.

Q: Do I have a right to privacy?

Yes, Health Services is required to protect your privacy and your protected health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All information obtained is strictly confidential. If you have any questions concerning this issue, you are encouraged to discuss them with our staff.


Q: Does the student health fee cover all services at Health Services?

The health fee covers all office visits with medical providers. You will only be charged additional charges if the provider orders lab work, medical procedures, medical equipment or medications that you get from the Health Services pharmacy.

Q: Will you file my medical insurance for those additional charges?

Yes, a claim will be submitted for payment to your medical insurance plan for any labs that were processed in Health Services and for medical procedures. Medical insurance plans do not typically cover prescription medications and you will be responsible for any medication costs for prescriptions filled by the Health Services pharmacy.

Laboratory testing that is performed by an external reference lab will be filed to your insurance by the laboratory performing the testing.

Q: What will I be responsible for paying?

Any charges not covered or paid by your health insurance or any payments that are made to you directly from your insurance company. Health Services accepts checks, credit and debit cards, flex spending cards at the time of service, or your charge can be paid after it has been transferred to your WCU student account.


Q: What kind of mental health services are available at Health Services?

Health Services providers can assist with medication management services for a variety of mental health diagnosis. Providers are happy to coordinate care with referrals to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), which is also located in the Bird Building.

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