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Gender-Based Discrimination Training

One of the biggest difficulties institutions of higher education face is the nationwide problem of campus sexual assault. Further, compliance with new rules and regulations related to gender-based discrimination and sexual assault is one of the preeminent challenges facing university compliance efforts. Our institution's responsibility is simple: communicate a basic understanding of our employee's obligations under applicable rules and regulations in such a way that ensures that our employees carry out the duties imposed on them by law. Herein, you will find everything you need to understand these duties and to meet you legal obligations.

The training video and PDF Hand-Out below contain the latest explanations of your duties under Title IX, Policy 53, and other regulations that relate to gender-based discrimination. The information is in two forms: 1) an instructional video; and 2) a written hand-out. Either the videos or the hand-out are comprehensive in their own right. Mastering these materials (either the videos or the PDF Hand-Out) means mastering your obligations as an employee of Western Carolina University. As such, we strongly encourage you to print the PDF Hand-Out and keep it in your work-space for ease of reference.

Gender Based Discrimination Employee Training Video

Written hand-out: WCU Gender Based Discrimination Training

Additional Information Resources:
The Clery Act
Sexual Assault Quick Reference Guide
Your Rights

Always remember that every employee at Western Carolina University has basic but very real obligations under regulations that pertain to campus sexual assault. Thank you again for lending some of your valuable time to participate in this training, and I want to thank you in advance for making campus sexual assault and gender-based discrimination a priority during the 2015/16 academic year and beyond.

Together, lets work to make a better and more inclusive world!

J. Wesley Chancey

Office of Web Services