Office of International Programs and Services

International Professional Development Resources for WCU Faculty and Staff

 In the U.S.

  • Annual WCU Global Learning Academy

        A year-long program with monthly workshop on areas of curriculum internationalization

  • Conferences and Seminars

        WISE (Workshop on Intercultural Skills Enhancement) Conference

        February, Winston-Salem, NC

        May, Bloomington, IN

        February, Washington DC


        WCU receives $2000 per year to support faculty to attend CIEE IFDS

        Call for WCU application occurs in fall semester

        China Studies Institute

        Japan Studies Institute

        JSI Japan Seminar

        Short-Term Teaching in China

  • Summer culture immersion program in China

        Chongqing Technology and Business University(CTBU) – China

        Program duration: 3 weeks, mid-May to early June

        Cost on WCU participant: Flight, health insurance, some meals, hotel ($150 for 3 weeks)

  • Teaching Abroad

        Teaching in summer abroad

                --- WCU’s partner institutions sometimes invite WCU faculty to teach courses in summer with compensation. IPS forwards invitation message to WCU Academic Affairs email list.

                --- Some WCU’s partner institutions want to have WCU faculty to teach for a semester or for a few weeks with compensation. Those opportunities are usually by request. If you are interested in this type of teaching, please follow the procedures below.

                         (1) Review the list of WCU’s partner institutions and identify an institution where you want to teach

                         (2) Send the following documents to Ling LeBeau (IPS Director) at Ling will make a request to the partner institution.

                                      * Cover letter --- Indicating when, how long, and what course (s)/lecture(s) you want to deliver

                                      * CV

        Fulbright Specialist Program

        Fulbright Scholar Program

        Fulbright Hayes Program

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