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Rapid Center Affiliated Faculty and Staff

The Rapid Center is staffed with a full-time director with significant experience in research and development working with various industries, inventors and entrepreneurs. In addition, several engineering faculty members with WCU's College of Engineering and Technology spend a portion of their time dedicated to research and development projects through The Rapid Center.

All of our highly qualified faculty members bring years of industry experience as well as a thorough foundation in scholarly research that keeps them current in their fields of interest. They also bring a strong commitment to both teaching and serving business and industry throughout the region. Their hands-on approach to problem solving means they will achieve practical results for our corporate clients. Their commitment to project-based learning means they will provide the most effective instruction and guidance for students.

Staff Title Phone Office
Gardner, Patrick Director 828.227.2435 CAT 209
Ottie, Jessica Contracts and Administration 828.227.2560 CAT 209
Graham, Monty Engineering Project Coordinator 828.227.2160 CAT 115
Banther, Brett Center Project Engineer 828.227.2797 CAT 212A
Clare, Michael Center Project Engineer 828.227.2148 CAT 212B
Lyvers, Shawn Center Project Engineer 828.227.2173 CAT 212E 
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