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Join our ranks of successful alumni! Our alumni base includes over 800 successful former Political Science majors and minors spread across 26 states and multiple continents. Perhaps you want to:

Pursue a career in law like:

  • Mike Blackmon. After graduating with her Political Science degree, Mike pursued a successful career in finance for a few years. Soon after, he entered Law School at Howard University, where he interned with the US House of Representatives and the Judge Advocate General of the US Navy. He is currently Vice President and Corporate Counsel for US Bank in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Diane DePietropaolo Price. After graduating with her Political Science degree, Diane entered law school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. After graduation, she served 6 years as a public defender in Charlotte, NC. She is currently Public Defense Training Manager at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Washington, DC.

Pursue a career in local government like:

  • Heather Britt. Heather graduated from WCU with a Political Science and immediately entered our MPA program. While working on her MPA, Heather interned with the Southwestern Commission (the Regional Council of Government for the far-western counties). Soon thereafter, she was hired by another Regional Council of Government (the Isothermal Planning and Development Commission) as a Regional Planner. She is curently a Planner with the town of Fuquay-Varina.
  • Todd Herms. Todd graduated from WCU with his Political Science degree and immediately entered our MPA program. While working on his MPA, Todd secured an internship working with the City of Asheville. After completing his MPA, Todd embarked on a career in local government--first serving as Town Manager in Badin, North Carolina, and later as Manager in Maiden, NC. Among his many accomplishments in Maiden, Todd helped recruit a $1 Billion Apple data center to his town.

Pursue a career in development and outreach like:

  • Ben Pendry. After graduating with degrees in Political Science and History, Ben went to work for the North American Interfraternity Conference as Vice President of Advancement. Soon after, he became a development officer for Sigma Chi Fraternity, and then served as the Director of Prospect Strategy and Research at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. He recently returned to Cullowhee as Executive Director of Advancement Services at WCU.

Pursue a career in social science education like:

  • Megan Forrest Carlson. Megan went directly from WCU to Penn State University, where she completed a Masters in Political Science. After earning her M.A., Megan began a career in teaching, and has been teaching the 8th graders in Grover C. Fields Middle School since 2010. In addition to her teaching duties at Grover Fields, Megan is Department Chair for English, Yearbook advisor, and Softball Coach. In what little free time she has, Megan teaches Political Science at Coastal Carolina Community College.

Pursue a career in academia like:

  • Clyde Ray. Clyde took his Political Science degree directly into academia, first completing a Masters degree at Villanova University, and then a PhD in Political Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While at Chapel Hill, Clyde received the Tanner Award for Excellence in undergraduate teaching. Clyde is currently a visiting instructor at Brevard College. Click here to see his book John Marshall's Constitutionalism.
  • Elizabeth Ransom. After completing her double major in Political Science and Sociology at WCU, Elizabeth completed a PhD at Michigan State University. She is currently an Associate Professor of International Affairs at Penn State. In 2018, she was awarded WCU's Academic Achievement Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership and attaining extraordinary distinction and success in academe.
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