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Dr. David Kinner

Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources
Associate Professor, Geology
Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

David Kinner


Phone: 828-227-3821
Office Address: Stillwell 340C

Faculty Webpage

Research Watershed Site

Areas of Interest:

Hillslope and watershed hydrology; geomorphology


  • GEOL 140: "Investigations in Environmental Geology"
  • GEOL 191: "Geology Landscapes and Human Psyche"
  • GEOL 305: "Soils and Hydrology"
  • GEOL 310: "Principles of Soils and Hydrology for Construction Managers"
  • GEOL 491: "Special Topics in Geology"
  • GEOL 302: "Geomorphology"


  • Ph.D., University of Colorado, 2003
  • M.S., University of Colorado, 1999
  • B.A., Amherst College, 1996

Some Recent Publications & Presentations:

Gannon, JP., Kinner, D., and Lord, M., 2016, Isolating the impacts of a disturbed, ephemeral gully on water quality and stream ecology in a headwater catchment in western North Carolina: GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 48, n. 3.

Kinner, D., and Lord, M., 2016, Hydrological properties and near-stream groundwater response at multiple catchment scales, Western North Carolina: GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 48, n. 3.

Lord, M., and Kinner, D., Mountjoy, B., and Cato, M., 2015, The role of undergraduate research fellows to facilitate course-based undergraduate research: GSA Abstracts with Programs, v. 47, n. 7, p. 475.

Kinner, D., Lord, M., and Crow, R., 2013, Student perceived benefits of group geology undergraduate research experience: GSA Abstracts With Programs, v. 45, n. 7., p. 365.

Tanner, B.R., Kinner, D.A., Griffith, A.D., Young, R.S., and Sorrell, L.M., 2011, Presence of Arundinaria gigantea (river cane) on numerous non-wetland sites suggests improper classification of the species: Wetland Ecology and Management, v. 19, p. 521-532.

Kinner, D.A., and Moody, J.A., 2010, Spatial variability of steady-state infiltration into a two-layer soil system on burned hillslopes: Journal of Hydrology, v.381, p.322-332.

Moody, J.A., Kinner, D.A., and Ubeda, X., 2009, Linking Hydraulic Properties of Fire-affected Soils to Infiltration and Water Repellency: Journal of Hydrology, v. 379 (3-4), p.291-303.

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