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Department of English Studies

English student in library

Alum Anna Oates now works as the Digital Projects Librarian at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, MO

The Department of English Studies prepares skilled professionals who are ready for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. In today’s job market, those who get ahead have mastered critical thinking and clear communication. They have creativity, passion, vision—all skills that can be used in many settings.

What students do in English Studies is wide-ranging and can lead to unexpected places. They publish newspaper articles and essays, and present their research at local, regional, and national conferences. They work as interns in wonderful places (how about Washington, DC, Oxford in the UK, or your own hometown!?).

They meet famous writers at our annual Spring Literary Festival and Fall Speaker Series and publish in our journal The Nomad. They try their hand at a novel or screenplay, and work with professors on manuscripts. They explore the ancient discipline of Rhetoric and the emerging field of Digital Humanities.

Where would you like your English Studies degree to take you? We can help you get there.





Get Involved

Learn about great opportunities within the Department of English Studies. Students participate in extracurricular activities to engage with the local community, learn new skills, get to know other students, and apply their learning outside the classroom.  


Professional Writing Contest

Job Opportunities

Our students become expert thinkers and writers. Those skills are valuable in the university, but invaluable on the job market. Employers consistently look for potential employees who are creative thinkers and articulate professionals—English Studies majors exceed these expectations.


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