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High Fidelity Simulation Lab

Western Carolina University is proud to utilize a high-fidelity anesthesia simulation center at its Biltmore Park campus. The center provides graduate students with cutting-edge experiences in advanced airway management, ultrasound imaging and regional anesthesia. Our simulation manikins react to administered drugs and peripheral nerve stimulators; show a pupillary response to opioids, light and brain injury; have variable lung compliance and airway resistance; respond to needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax; and more.    

Ancillary hardware includes:

  • A $20,500 MP70 IntelliVue Anesthesia Monitor that can display values like pulmonary artery pressures
  • Thermal dilution cardiac output waveforms
  • Learning Space audiovisual recording system 
  • GE ultrasound machine with color flow Doppler imaging capabilities
  • Advanced airway devices (e.g. GlideScope fiber-optic bronchoscope, jet ventilation device)
  • Spinal injection simulator
  • Central venous cannulation simulator
  • Neonatal airway models
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