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PawPrint Services

PawPrint Services is a network based print, copy, scan, and fax service for all faculty, staff, students, and community members of WCU.

The entire PawPrint fleet is being refreshed! Visit the PawPrint changes page to learn more, including replacement schedule and features.


Printers are divided into four categories (or "Tiers"). Each printer has been designated a tier number based on print volume. The lowest print volume printers are designated tier 1, with the highest volume designated tier 4. All printers in the Technology Commons located in the Hunter Library are Tier 3 or Tier 4. 

Tier B&W Color
1 $0.16 $0.35
2 $0.12 $0.30
3 $0.05 $0.25
4 $0.048 $0.24

Learn more on the PAWPrint Pricing and Printer Tiers

Methods of Payment

  • CatCash (students and employee personal printing expenses)
  • Departmental Billing (Faculty and Staff printing using the Equitrac system)


Students can use the PawPrint system to print documents in the Technology Commons in Hunter Library; all Residential Halls; and three (3) designated student computer labs, using CatCash. This assumes funds have been deposited to the CatCard debit account as described below.


The CatCash debit account available on the CatCard allows printing via PawPrint printers and copiers located across campus. Funds can be added to your CatCash account at any time and there is no minimum deposit required. Funds can be added using the following methods:

  • Electronic: Log into the MyWCU portal site. Select the 'Add CatCash' button in the My CatCard section to add funds using a credit card. 

A screenshot of MyWCU showing how to add "cat cash"


  • In person: Funds can be deposited at the One-Stop Student Services Center counter located on the 1st floor of Killian Annex. Alternatively, you can also add funds to your CatCash account at one of the Add-Value machines located Technology Commons, the University Center lobby, or at the Courtyard Dining Hall Lobby.

Please note: funds included with your Meal Plan are separate from the CatCash account. Money placed into a meal plan account cannot be used to pay for printing, or other non-food items (such as bookstore purchases).

Student Workers:

Student workers with WCUiD accounts are considered Staff (see below). In addition, Student Workers can print and copy using Departmental Cat Cards. Learn more information at PAWPrint for Student Workers

Faculty and Staff:

PawPrint offers you two printing methods:

  1. Direct to device: Select a PawPrint device’s direct print queue and send your job for an immediate printout to the closest device to your desk.
  2. Store and release: Send your print job to a secure print queue and then swipe your CatCard at any PawPrint machine on campus to access the network print server, pull up a list of your secure print jobs, and then select which job you wish to print and the number of copies. The job will be completed at speeds from 35 to 60 pages per minute, depending on the type of device.

In addition, PawPrint enables you to swipe your CatCard to make copies. PawPrint will also allow you to scan pages to e-mail as PDF files or upload to the Mercury share drive folder (The "H:\" drive) by logging in with your WCU login credentials.

Contractors, Guests and Others:

Offices can have departmental copy cards made for use by people who are not faculty/staff members. As a reminder, faculty/staff will select the budget code that the printing is to be charged against, so a departmental copy card is not needed to track copy volume by budget code. For information on departmental copy cards, contact the CatCard Office.

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