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Course Reserves

Choose a form below and enter the necessary information. Items belonging to the professor should be delivered to the Circulation Desk at Hunter Library; library materials to be placed on reserve can also be dropped off when a request is made to facilitate processing.

 All reserves that need to be available the first week of the semester must be submitted and available to process 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes.  After the first week of classes, we can usually process material within a week. At the end of each semester, all materials will be removed from reserve unless you notify us that you will be teaching the same class the next semester. You will need to update the appropriate form for any material you plan to keep on reserve.


Complete a Book Reserve Request Form for each class.

  1. A barcode will be permanently affixed to the back, inside cover of personal books.
  2. Books belonging to ASU or UNCA may be put on reserve at WCU but only for the time they are checked out to the faculty member. These books will be returned on their due date.
  3. Call (828) 227-7485 or email if you have questions.

Articles, Chapters & Unpublished Materials

Provide originals if possible, clean copies if not.

  1. Complete an E-Reserve request form for each submission.
  2. Copyright law allows:
    • One chapter or 10% of a book;
    • One journal article per issue;
    • Two journal articles per volume.

Electronic Reserves is an extension of traditional library services and will be provided in a manner that respects fair use rights, the rights of copyright holders, and current copyright law. The electronic copying and scanning of copyright protected works for library reserve service are unsettled areas of the law which may be addressed by courts and/or legislation. Hunter Library will monitor legal developments that may affect the application of fair use standards to Electronic Reserves services to ensure that library services are in compliance with the letter and spirit of the U.S. copyright law.

Copyright Guidelines for Reserves


Although fair use ultimately depends on the specific facts surrounding each proposed use, the following guidelines are intended to provide direction for use of the Hunter Library reserves system.

  1. All materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of faculty for the non-commercial, educational use of students.
  2. Whenever possible, materials to be copied or scanned for reserve will be purchased by the library.
  3. Longer works, such as complete books or entire web sites, will not be copied or scanned for reserve service. The library will not reproduce materials for the reserve system without written permission from the copyright holder if the library judges that such reproduction would exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.
  4. There will be no charge for access; the charge for copies made by students will be limited to the nominal cost of photocopies or laser prints.
  5. A notice that material may be covered by copyright law will appear on screen in the reserve system, on the first page of a print reserve, and on copies made of reserve readings.
  6. Appropriate citations or attributions to their sources will be included for all reserve materials.
  7. Access to reserves is limited to students, faculty, and staff of the university. Print reserves can be checked out at the library with a valid WCU ID card. Electronic reserves can be accessed online using a valid WCU ID number.
  8. When they are no longer used for reserve services, electronic files will be removed from the electronic reserves system. Print materials will be returned to faculty or to their normal location in the library.


For any questions regarding this policy, call Scottie Kapel at (828) 227-3416 or email her at For general questions about reserves, contact Ken Rogers at (828) 227-3424 or

More information on Hunter Library copyright policy.

Media Reserves

You may complete and submit a Media Reserve Request form for each item you wish to place on reserve electronically. Personal or departmental or ABC media copies should be brought to the Library Circulation desk. Library Media staff will retrieve WCU owned media from the shelf for you. It will take 48 hours to process your request. Items will be removed from reserve at the end of each semester. All materials not owned by the library will be returned to the instructor. Usage statistics will be provided upon request.

Booking Media for Class Use

If you wish to use a WCU owned video, DVD or music CD for a specific class date, complete and submit the Course Media Booking Request form and submit it. You may do this electronically.

  • All forms may be printed and brought to the Library Circulation desk.
  • Call (828) 227-7485 or email if you have questions.
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