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Lost and Found Policy


A.  Inquiries or reports about “lost” items should be made to the Circulation Desk.

B.  Items “found” and turned in at the Circulation Desk will be treated as follows:

  • Items such as cell phones, wallets, purses, laptop computers, and items holding personal information or with a perceived value of more than $50.00 will be sent to University Police after holding period of two weeks (14 calendar days).
  • The following items will be returned to their authorized department each Friday that the University is open. If the University is closed on a Friday, then the items will be transported to the authorized department the next business day.
    • CatCards will be returned to OneStop.
    • Rental Books from the University Bookstore will be returned to the
      University Bookstore.
    • Key sets with Residential Living keys will be returned to Residential
      Living in an attempt to match the set to the owner.

C.  Clothes, bags, and all other miscellaneous items left during the semester will be treated as surplus property by the end of the semester.

D.  Hunter Library accepts no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any items left unattended in the building. Hunter Library accepts no responsibility for the loss, under any circumstance, including theft, vandalism, or malicious acts, of such items.

Created 3/3/2017

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