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Yumiko Ono, Ed. D

Yumiko Ono

Associate Instructor

College of Arts and Sciences

World Languages

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3859
Office: 128A McKee Building


I joined the Department of World Languages in Fall 2010. Since then, I have been privileged to serve students in WCU who are genuinely interested in Japanese language and culture including those who pursue a minor or Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Degree (ISUD, equivalent to a major) in Japanese Studies. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be in the position that I can support and witness students’ development to become mature college students, global citizen, and agent of change by teaching in the Japanese program.<br><br>I am a native Japanese who has grown up and received education in Japan. I have earned Masters and Doctoral degrees in the U.S. and have been in this country more than 20 years and counting. Among the places I lived in this country, I especially love living in these green mountains because they remind me my hometown in Japan. Nature teaches me humility and patience. I love the scent of trees, rivers, and looking up at so many constellations on quiet winter night having a bonfire.


  • EDD, University of New England
  • MA, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • BA, Rikkyo University (Tokyo, Japan)
  • BA, Nihon University  (Tokyo, Japan)

Teaching Interests

I teach all levels of Japanese language and culture courses that the Japanese program offers. My recent teaching interest is how the program as a whole can function to facilitate students’ development of cultural responsiveness, which is one of the program’s parallel students learning goals besides Japanese language fluency. I want to know how the program effectively fosters our students to become global citizens, who can be between and/or among different cultures, societies, and people to effect changes in their community and world.

Research Interests

I finished my doctoral study in summer 2020 and my current research interests is directly connected to my teaching interest: Students’ development of cultural responsiveness through the Japanese program.<br> <br>I am also interested in transcribing writings/textbooks in the 18-19 centuries in Japan, which are written in Japanese manuscript known as Kuzushiji and understanding (or decoding, I should say!) the content. I am interested in ethics for commoners written in Japanese manuscript in that periods.

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