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Michael L. Martinez, Jr.

Michael L. Martinez, Jr.

Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

World Languages

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Michael L. Martínez, Jr., is Assistant Professor of Spanish at Western Carolina University. His research interests include urban studies, cultural geography, spatial theory, and contemporary Spanish literature and culture. He has published articles in the <i>Bulletin of Spanish Studies</i>, <i>Journal of Urban Cultural Studies</i>, <i>Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies</i>, and <i>Romance Quarterly</i>. His current book project is called <i>Neoliberal Madrid: Capital, Culture, and the Urban Process, 1979-1996</i>, which examines the interplay between spatial form, social process, and cultural change in the Spanish capital during the country’s Transition (1975-1982) and early democratic periods (1983-1996).


  • Ph D, Texas Tech University
  • MA, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • BA, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
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