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Merry Leigh Dameron

Merry Dameron

Assistant Professor

College of Education and Allied Professions

Human Services

Contact Information

Office: 2TS, Suite 320B Biltmore Park Building
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Dr. Merry Leigh Dameron joined the counseling faculty in Fall of 2019. Prior to completing her PhD in counselor education and supervision at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr. Dameron worked as a school counselor in multiple settings, with most of her time spent working in alternative schools. From this work she developed interests in social justice in education and advocacy.


  • Ph D, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Counselor Education and Supervision

Research Interests

Dr. Dameron's research interests include: social justice in education, alternative education, school counselor cultural competence, and school counseling praxis<br><br><u>Selected Publications and Presentations:</u><br><br>Dameron, M. L., & Curtis, R. (2020). Hope for the hurting: Strategies for school counselors working with heartbroken students. <i>Journal of School Counseling, 18</i>(4). http:/ (Peer reviewed).<br><b> </b><br>Dameron, M. L.,<b> </b>Camp, A., Friedman, B., & Foxx, S. P<b>. </b>(2020). Multicultural education and perceived multicultural competency of school counselors. <i>The Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 48</i>(3), 176-190 https://doi:10.1002/jmcd.12176. (Peer reviewed).<br> <br>Dameron, M. L.,<b> </b>Foxx, S. P., & Flowers, C. (2019). The impact of race, gender, and socioeconomic status on school counselors’ alternative learning program placement decisions: An experimental study. <i>The Urban Review</i>, <i>51</i>(5), 699-723. (Peer reviewed). <br><b><i> </i></b><br>Dameron, M. L. (2016). Person-centered counseling and solution-focused brief therapy: An integrative model for school counselors. <i>Journal of School Counseling, 14</i>(10). Retrieved from (Peer reviewed). <br> <br>Dameron, M.L., Vazquez, M., Saunders, R., & Perry, J. (October 2019). School counselor trainees in action (research): A quasi-experimental study. Presented at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference. Seattle, Washington. (Peer reviewed).<br> <br>Dameron, M. L.,<b> </b>& Camp., A. (June 2019). Serving students: Alternative, charter, and private schools. The American School Counselor Association Conference. Boston, Massachusetts. (Peer reviewed).

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