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Katie Pincura

Katie Pincura

Teaching Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

College of Health and Human Sciences

School of Health Sciences

Contact Information

Pronouns: she/her


Katie Pincura is an advocate for health in all policies. Her background is in mental health, developmental disabilities services, substance use disorder, HIV/HCV screening and outreach, and expanding access to care.


    Teaching Interests

    Dr. Pincura is passionate about teaching public health, health policy, and organizational management through the Triple Aim lens of access, quality and efficiency.

    Research Interests

    Dr. Pincura is interested in how health policy issues are defined, developed and disseminated. She is interested in organizational practices impacting the quality and availability of healthcare and public health services, policies impacting the uptake of habit-forming prescription drugs, and innovations that integrate clinical medical encounters with community health interventions.

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