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Jamie Vaske

Jamie Vaske


College of Arts and Sciences

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Contact Information



  • Ph D, University of Cincinnati
  • MS, University of Cincinnati
  • BS, University of Cincinnati

Teaching Interests

I currently teaching Statistics for Criminology and Criminal Justice for our practitioner based online CJ program. I am passionate about empowering practitioners to understand the basics of data management and analysis to help them advocate for their agencies. I also teach Senior Seminar for our residential students where we focus on: (1) understanding the basics of life skills such as interview preparation, retirement, and health insurance, and (2) writing a one page paper advocating the use of a specific evidence based policy in a North Carolina county based upon that county's offense statistics.

Research Interests

For the past five years, I have worked on training practitioners on evidence based practices in corrections and on researching the effectiveness of these evidence based practices in North Carolina communities. My work has investigated the use of incentives and sanctions in treatment courts, risk and needs assessments for specialized populations (e.g., justice involved veterans and female offenders), the implementation of pretrial reform, the early involvement of counsel at bail review hearings, and judicial officials' responses to nonappearance in court. I collaborate with a number of colleagues across the country, including Professor Jessica Smith from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Government. More information on our evaluations can be found at the Criminal Justice Innovation Lab's website ( Finally, I am collaborating with Dr. Julie Baldwin and Dr. John Eassey from American University on a representative nationwide study funded by the National Science Foundation called "RAPID: Study of Challenges and Novel Responses in Law Enforcement and Criminal Courts to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

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