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Eve Rock

Eve Rock


College of Arts and Sciences

World Languages

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3873
Office: 131A McKee Building
Pronouns: She/her


I moved to the United States from Bordeaux, France in 2019, and I started teaching French at WCU in 2021. I appreciate every moment spent with my students sharing my language and culture. It is extremely important to me to debunk some stereotypes of France and the French people, but also to make my students discover the rich variety of the Francophone world. <br>I teach levels 101, 102, 231, and 232 of French, and also serve on the Diversity Awareness Committee of our Languages department. <br>My objectives are to create events for more encounters between students of different origins or cultural backgrounds. I want a space for them to discover the variety of cultural habits, traditions, and perspectives present on campus so as to promote intercultural understanding.<br>Out of campus, I am also researching on intercultural pragmatics and sociolinguistics. I also love spending my free time outside going to musical events. I sometimes play ukulele and sing, and I have also been a part of thespians group for over 10 years.


  • MA, University of Bordeaux
  • BA, University of Bordeaux

Teaching Interests

- Learning with scenarios/ practical cases/ role playing<br>- Games used for language learning<br>- Music and Movies teach language and culture<br>- Intercultural communication and cultural awareness of the francophone world

Research Interests

- Intercultural pragmatics : how to improve communication between cultures<br>- Sociolinguistics: Language is a reflection of cultural values and social habits<br>- French varieties and English varieties around the world<br>- Stereotypes and other misconceptions of cultures

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