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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics and Computer Science

Contact Information

Phone: 828.227.3950
Office: 439 Stillwell Building
Personal Website:


I am an experienced computer science lecturer, software engineer, mobile applications developer and researcher with a flair for creativity and visual design. While at Western Carolina University I have taught a diverse range of topics under the umbrella of computer science and supervised undergraduate research projects. My current research interests revolve around computer science education, the visualization of programming concepts, and mobile applications. I have been programming in the OO and imperative paradigms for over 15 years. Since 2006 I have been lecturing and tutoring computing subjects. In addition to my teaching record, I have also gained significant experience leading the research and development of commercial mobile applications on the Android and IOS (iPhone) platforms for a specialist business support centre (CEMAS) based at the University of South Wales in the UK. In 2010 I successfully defended my PhD thesis, which focused on developing and using dynamic, interactive visualisation techniques and a scaffolding pedagogy to teach the concepts and skills of programming to novices more effectively. As a result of this work, I have developed a unique visual programming environment, website and pedagogy which I integrated into the teaching of programming at three universities. This research has also received significant attention from high schools and universities globally. It has been presented at both a national and international level. I have also used it in outreach activities to promote the subject of computing in both in Wales and the Smokey Mountains region.


  • Ph D, University of South Wales (formerly university of Glamorgan), Computer Science
  • BS, University of South Wales (formerly university of Glamorgan), Software Engineering

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests include Software Engineering, Mobile Applications Development and Computer Programming. My research background specializes in the teaching of computer programming. My industrial and undergraduate experience makes me very well suited for teaching subjects encompassing software development and programming. Since joining WCU in August 2013 I have a demonstrated the ability to teach and develop a wide range courses including CS191, CS150, CS151, CS264, CS352, CS467, CS495, and CS496. A substantial amount of my course materials has been reused by other CS faculty in particular my work on CS191 which has also directory influenced CS130.

Research Interests

My research interests currently span two broad themes. Firstly the field of computer science education in which my interests lie in furthering the teaching computer programing to novices at K thru 12, college and university levels. Secondly, I have interests in the research of, mobile application, frameworks s and their optimization. The Boyer model of scholarship fits in well with my expertise and experience. I am able to collaborate on software projects and research papers with internal and external partners. I since joining WCU I have developed a mobile application and authored several computer science education research papers.

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