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Early Arrival Information

Students helping Freshmen move in to their residence hall


Students may need to arrive early to campus due to their involvement in an approved University function or for personal reasons. Any resident seeking approval to move in before the official opening dates must be confirmed as eligible for early arrival by an authorized department, group or organization and approved by Residential Living. Each request will be verified with the sponsoring University department before Residential Living approves or denies the early arrival request.

If you are requesting an early arrival for personal reasons, your "Group" is "Residential Living" and your request will be verified by the appropriate staff member. Any student who requests to arrive prior to the scheduled check-in day for personal reasons will be charged a fee of $30 per day. Students who arrive without an approval will be charged a fee of $20, plus the $30 per day fee. 

Arrival dates are determined by the approved university group or organization. Students who need to move in early for personal reasons cannot do so before Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at 9:00 am.

Please be aware that meal plans will not be in effect for early arrivals. Each student or group must make arrangements to cover meals until university food services begin operations for 2019 spring semester.

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