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Tunnel of Oppression

Picture of a computer monitor and keyboard with the words Loss, Sacrifice, Stigma, Despair, Division and Hope on the screen


The Tunnel of Oppression program is an interactive, immersive presentation meant to raise awareness and explore different types of oppression.  Started at WCU in 2016, the Tunnel of Oppression is designed and produced through the collaboration of ICA, campus partners and our amazing students.

Concerns for actors and participants during the pandemic challenged Intercultural Affairs to create a virtual format for the Spring 2021 semester, while still maintaining the impactful and immersive experience of former face to face versions. Beginning on April 6th, 2021, ICA is proud to bring WCU a Virtual Tunnel of Oppression - PANDEMIC PERSPECTIVES. This tunnel will present oppression through a Covid lens by exploring how the global pandemic has affected marginalized people. Perspectives include Global Impact, Loss, Sacrifice, Division, Stigma, and Despair.

A self-guided virtual tour takes participants through each perspective in a 3D gallery exhibit. The tour finishes in the Room of Hope with links to support resources. Also in the Room of Hope from April 6th – April 9th, 9am – 5pm, participants can reflect on their experience and emotions in a live, private, zoom breakout room with trained university representatives including trained counselors from Counseling & Psychological Services.

The Department Intercultural Affairs' 2019-2020 Tunnel of Oppression theme was The Labels We Wear: Microaggressions. Rooms explored Mental Health, Voting/Political Climate, Mass Shootings, Access to Health Care and Body Image.

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