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Tunnel of Oppression



The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive, immersive presentation meant to raise awareness and explore different types of oppression. Participants will have a 25 minute guided tour through rooms representing different types of oppression. The tour finishes in the 'Room of Hope' where participants have the opportunity to reflect on their experience and emotions with trained university representatives including trained counselors from Counseling & Psychological Services.

Fall 2019 Dates:

Wednesday, November 13th
Thursday, November 14th

The Intercultural Affairs spring 2019 Tunnel of Oppression event was held February 19th and 20th. This event used the theme of bullying to delve into the following current topics:

  • NFL kneeling controversy (patriotism vs. advocacy)
  • US border crisis (families and immigrant children)
  • Keystone Pipelin treaties (climate change & global warming)
  • Sex trafficking (transgender people)
  • Gun control (school shootings)
  • Mental health (depression & anxiety)
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