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The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization of elected students which serves as the primary governing body representing student interests, addressing student needs, and works with administration to improve campus life. 

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The Executive Branch, "Executive Council", serves as the administrative arm of SGA. It is comprised of the Study Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief Justice, and other members appointed at the discretion of the President. The Legislative Branch, "Student Senate", serves as the body for drafting, completing, and voting on motions/proposals intended to be in the best interest of students. It is comprised of the Student Body Vice President, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Clerk of the Senate, and Parliamentarian. The Judicial Branch reviews concerns/violations associated with SGA and holds traffic court. It is comprised of the Chief Judicial Justice, Associate Judicial Justice, Judicial Clerk of Court, and four Judicial Justices.
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traffic court

Students who receive a citation may appeal it within seven days of receipt to the SGA Traffic Court. Courts meets on a weekly basis except during breaks. For questions about the process, email SGA TRAFFIC.
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Elections for SGA positions are held during the spring semester. Designated filing times will be publicized by the Elections Committee early in the spring semester. Details on the election process and positions can be found in the SGA Constitution and ByLaws.

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