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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in Region 8?
Region 8 comprises the counties of: Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Swain, Macon, Haywood, Jackson, Transylvania, Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Polk, Rutherford and Asheville City.

Who can participate?
Any student may participate in the Region 8 Science Fair providing;
1) They live in the Region 8 area.
2) They are in the 3rd-12th grade
3) They have been selected to advance by their local science fair and have been registered by their local science fair coordinator.
They are a high school student that can not find a local fair to participate in, and have registered with the Director of the Region 8 Science Fair.

How do I register?
Each student presenting a project must register online. No paper applications will be accepted.

Do I pay a fee?
There is no fee required.

What forms do I need?
Students must bring copies of the following ISEF Forms:
Form 1- Checklist for Adult Sponsor,
Form 1A - Student Checklist, Research Plan,
Form 1B – Approval Form, and an Abstract of your project.
Research Plan

Visit the Rules Wizard section on the website to help you determine which additional forms may be needed. Copies of all completed Forms must be available for the Scientific Review Committee at the time of judging.

Any student not following the official rules will be disqualified, and the project will not be judged.

What should I bring to the Fair?

There are strict rules about what you can and cannot be part of your project. To ensure all students participate on a level playing field it is vitally important that students follow all ISEF rules regarding what is allowed as part of their poster presentation for the regional. Students not following these rules will not be allowed to set up their projects or will be disqualified!

You should NOT bring your actual experiments to the fair. You should take pictures of your apparatus and include them on your display or in your notebook. The only exception to this rule is in the Technology/Engineering category. No gas or running water can be supplied. Dangerous chemicals, open flame, and explosives will not be accepted in exhibits. Experimental procedures with animals, which involve discomfort, pain or death, or diets deficient in essential nutrients, will be disqualified. No live animals or plants (or parts of either) should be brought to the fair.

Projects must be within the following limits when set up for judging and students must provide their own display board for presentation.
30 in. (76 cm) deep, front to back
48 in. (122 cm) wide, side to side
108 in. (274 cm) high, floor to top including the table -- table height is ~30”

Have more questions?
Please contact the Science Fair Director:
Kelley H. Dinkelmeyer
NC Region 8 Science & Engineering Fair Director
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC 28723
(828) 227-3679


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