Athletics Committee


The committee will assure that student-athletes receive the academic support they need by monitoring (generally or by teams) such matters as (including but not limited to) class attendance, scheduling, retention, and graduation rates. It will encourage communication between the athletics department, the faculty, the administration, and the students.

The committee will monitor, oversee, and make formal inquiries regarding the athletics budget, compliance with NCAA regulations, and gender and minority equity.

The committee will inquire into any matters involving the welfare of student-athletes and will seek resolution of any problems.

The committee will make appropriate recommendations about any of the above matters to the Chancellor.


The committee will meet at least four times each semester (Fall and Spring). The agenda and dates of the meetings for each academic year will be established at the first meeting of the academic year and published appropriately.

The Chair will make a formal report twice each academic year to the Faculty Senate and will be present to respond to any questions about the report.

The Chair will maintain regular contact with the Chancellor


Faculty Members (9): 3 elected by general faculty, 3 appointed by the Faculty Senate, 3 appointed by the Chancellor

Students (4): 2 athletes (1 male and 1 female) selected by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, 2 non-athletes (1 male and 1 female) selected by the SGA.

Administrators (2): 2 appointed by the Chancellor

Ex Officio Members (3): Faculty Athletics Representative, Director of Athletics, Senior Woman Athletic Administrator

The Chair will be a faculty member on the committee elected by a majority of all voting members.

Although not specified, care should be taken to try to represent each of the four undergraduate schools to ensure appropriate representation of genders and minorities. Faculty members should serve three-year staggered terms. Students and administrators should be appointed annually.

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