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Current Projects

New Parking Deck (North Baseball Lot)

Parking Deck

The project will consist of a new 1,000 space, three level, cast-in-place concrete parking structure to replace the surface parking area located at Forest Hills Drive and Highway 107. 

Start of Construction: May 2020
Est. End of Construction: August 20, 2021


New Energy Production Facility (Steam Plant)

New Steam Plant

The project will consist of a new 4,800 square foot two story building, housing new boilers and associated equipment, and a 1,200 square foot single story annex that will incorporate the control room, restrooms, and offices. The project will be located on the lower portion of the main campus, replacing a portion of the existing steam plant. The existing steam plant will stay in operation until the new portion of the facility is completed and all equipment is operational.

Est. Start of Construction: December 18, 2020
Est. End of Construction: June 18, 2022




Cullowhee Dam Evaluation

Cullowhee Dam




Cullowhee Dam Evaluation



Memorial Drive Infrastructure Project

Memorial Drive


Engineer - Civil Design Concepts – Asheville, NC
Construction Manager - WNC Paving


The project will consist of one thousand linear feet of road, water line, telecom and parking realignment along Memorial Drive. Estimated construction costs are $1M. 

Start of Construction: May 2017
End of Construction: August 2017



Courtyard Dining - Chick-Fil-A Relocation

Courtyard Chick-Fil-A


Architect - Hill Foley Rossi – Duluth, GA
Construction Manager - TBD 

The relocation of Chick-fil-A will be into a larger full-service venue within the Courtyard Dining Hall. It will include an interior renovation of three-thousand square feet and the estimated construction cost is $150k. 

More details on these projects to come. 

Start of Construction: June 2017
End of Construction: October 2017



Ramsey Center Façade Replacement Project

Ramsey Center Facade


Architect - Watson Tate Savory – Charlotte, NC
Engineer - Optima – Charlotte NC
Construction Manager - TBD

This project will be to remove and/or replace fifty-thousand square feet of the exterior façade of the Ramsey Center. The estimated construction cost is $5M. 

Start of Construction: August 2017
End of Construction: August 2018



Highlands Biological Station



Architect - Kerns Landscape Architecture – Asheville, NC
Construction Manager - Triangle Construction – Greenville, SC

These three projects will include a new north entry and outdoor learning pavilion for the Highlands Biological Station. 

More details on these projects to come. 

Start of Construction: July 2017
End of Construction: March 2018



STEM Building



Architect - Lord Aeck Sargent – Chapel Hill, NC
Engineer - AEI Engineering – Chapel Hill, NC
Construction Manager - Skanska USA – Durham, NC

STEM Concept Views   -    Construction Updates   - STEM Building Project

The project will consist of the staged demolition of the current building and the construction of a multi-storied building to replace the Natural Sciences Building (NSB).

The new building is expected to provide approximately 185,000 square feet of lab and classroom space. The project will be phased to allow for the existing laboratories in NSB to stay operational until they are relocated to Phase I of the new building. After existing operations are relocated to Phase I, NSB will be demolished for the construction of Phase II.

Start of Construction: April 2018
End of Construction: November 2021

Check out a video of the the STEM building's schematic design.


Upper Campus Residence Hall

Upper Campus Residence Hall


Architect - Clark Nexsen – Asheville, NC
Construction Manager - Vannoy Construction

WCU Board Endorses Design Concept   - Site Plan   - Residence Hall Images

This project consists of the addition of a 170,000 square foot residence hall to the upper section of Western Carolina's campus. The new Residence Hall will provide an additional six hundred beds and will be located in a parking area between Judaculla Hall and Brown Hall.

The residence hall design approved by the WCU Board of Trustees calls for a five-story building consisting of two separate wings. The construction of the facility will create a pedestrian flow leading from Judacalla Hall, beneath a connector linking the two wings of the building and toward Brown Hall. 

Start of Construction: April 2018
End of Construction: July 2019



Lower Campus Residence Hall

Lower Campus


The Lower Campus Residence Hall project will consist of a 120,000 square foot, four hundred bed residence hall with an estimated $26M construction cost.

More details on this project to come.

Start of Construction: April 2019
End of Construction: November 2020



Completed Projects

Brown Building Renovation



Designer: Watson Tate Savory 

Brown Cafeteria 1st Floor plan   -    Brown Cafeteria Ground Floor Plan   -    Site Plan  -  Photo Gallery  


The project is to fully renovate Brown Building built in 1960 that previously housed a cafeteria on WCU's upper campus.

The project will include renovation of the existing 30,240 square feet two-story building and an addition of approximately 25,124 square feet to address additional program requirements beyond existing building square footage. The project will include site work to incorporate new site circulation paths, parking, and utilities, including a new energy plant to service this building and adjacent buildings. Total square footage projection is 55,364 square feet.



Mixed Use Development
Noble Hall 


Tenants Announced for Noble Hall   -    Noble Culture  

Western Carolina University’s Noble Hall is a new 120,000-square-foot mixed-use facility on Centennial Drive in the heart of campus. Occupied Fall 2016.




Mixed Use Development 
Programming and Concept Study


Programming & Concept Study

In collaboration with a project steering committee, Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company conducted this study to assess the potential and outline the parameters for a mixed-use development along Centennial Drive, in the heart of Western Carolina University’s main campus. This development is a chance to introduce a “main street” atmosphere for the campus as well to provide additional student housing and retail space. The program was established through a series of four workshops between Hanbury Evans and the WCU committee. 

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