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Tutoring Support

Below, you'll find a number of frequently asked questions in regards to tutoring support for WCU Distance Students.

What type of tutoring support is available for Distance Students online or off-campus?

For distance students who cannot attend tutoring sessions in the Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) or the WCU Math Tutoring Center, tutoring support is available through Brainfuse HelpNow. Brainfuse is a free, online academic tutoring service for all subject areas.

What is Brainfuse HelpNow?

Sponsored by The Division of Educational Outreach Brainfuse offers online academic support in a variety of subjects in the following areas: Accounting, Business, Computer Sciences, Foreign Languages, Math, Nursing, Sciences, and Liberal Studies (Psychology, History, Political Science and Sociology). Brainfuse also offers and extensive Online Writing Center where students can receive feedback on any aspect of academic writing, including help with organization, idea development, documentation, writing style, punctuation, and grammar.

Who can use Brainfuse HelpNow?

Brainfuse is available for students taking courses online, at Biltmore Park, and other off-campus locations. All eligible students are pre-registered for each semester after the drop/add period. Cullowhee campus students may be granted temporary access to Brainfuse by contacting Distance Learning at Remember, you have ready access to the on-campus Writing and Learning Commons and the WCU Math Tutoring Center.

Who are the tutors?

Brainfuse tutors are screened, trained, and managed directly by Brainfuse. Their tutors are recruited from a diverse tutoring pool and include a mix of professional tutors, retired instructors, graduate students and college faculty members. Only tutors with proven backgrounds in tutoring/teaching in their respective fields are hired by Brainfuse. Over 80% of tutors have a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their field.

How do I access Brainfuse?

  • Go to the Brainfuse Log-in page
  • Your username will be your Catamount email address and your password will be your Student ID Numer (920 number).
  • If you are having trouble logging in, contact Distance Learning at  or by calling 828.227.7397 or toll-free at 866.928.4723.

Need Technical Support?

Send an email to  or call toll-free at 1-866-272-4638, Ext. 510

Is there more detailed guidance available for Brainfuse?

Yes! More detailed information is contained in the Brainfuse HelpNow User Guide.


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