Cherokee Phoenix

A specimen of the effects of the Georgia Laws said to be designed to protect the Indians from the im

Published July, 9, 1831

Page 3 Column 2b-3a

A specimen of the effects of the Georgia Laws said to be designed to protect the Indians from the impositions of BAD WHITE MEN.

From Little Etawa in Aqouhee District the following property has been stolen, and the poor suffers have no prospect of redress. The perpetrators are not afraid to show themselves in open day, well knowing that Indian testimony cannot injure them:

One mare and yearling colt from The Cloud, one horse from James Downing, one horse from The Eagle, one horse from Doostoo, two hogs from Galonuskee. The horses were traced to the house of a white man of suspicious character. From Doostoo, who is an old man, a white man with a club came and robbed him of 4 bushels of corn. They also stole many of the old man's things, and otherwise gave him so much annoyance as to compel him to abandon the place. Before quitting, however, he burnt down his house, for which the villains who forced him to it, threaten to put him in jail.

One of the gang took an axe from Charlotte Downing before her face and rode off with it. When charged with the outrage, he boasted that he was much of a man-that he did take it, and that the surveyors had it, who were then running the Georgia lines.

A company of the same characters have commenced building in the same neighborhood-have taken possession of two fields belonging to Jack Downing--have torn down a corn crib which stood in one of them.- They have planted the fields in corn, and they now threaten to kill the owner if he comes about his won field. The same party have taken possession of a field of James Downing which he had broken up ready to plant. He expects they are planting it today. They shot one of his hogs. Two of them stole all the farming tools belonging to Categiskee, and when the old man complained one of the thieves brought a gun, and took aim at him and threatened to shoot him



We perceive the situation of Mr. Worcester's family has not had the effect we supposed. We understand he has been conducted towards Georgia with the other prisoners.