Cherokee Phoenix

The following is copied from the National Banner

Published July, 9, 1831

Page 3 Column 4b

The following is copied from the National Banner:

The Clarksville Toesin says that Ex-Governor Houston has, in a letter to a friend in Clarksville, signified his intention 'to leave his exile and participate again in the business, pleasure and honors of civilized society.' He has, it is said, been invited by some of his friends to settle in Natchez, and having 'consented to yield to their solicitations,' will commence the practice of the law in that place.

To the above we will merely add that Ex-Governor Houston passed down the Arkansas on Friday last, in the steam boat Hermit. We understand from a friend who conversed with him, that he has determined to abandon his Indian mode of life and intends following some civilized employment for a livelihood in future.

Ark. Gaz.