Cherokee Phoenix

Extract of a letter to the Editor, dated

Published July, 9, 1831

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Extract of a letter to the Editor, dated,

Choctaw Nation, 21st June 1831

Information has been received in this nation that provision will be made for the removal of one half of the Choctaws this autumn, and the remaining half in a year from that time. The Choctaws, at least the greater part of them had chosen other chiefs to lead them to their new country than those who made the treaty, but Government will not recognize them. The old chiefs are to be sustained at least for the present. Having taken away their country not only against the will of the common people, but without giving them a reasonable compensation for the trouble and losses they will sustain, it is but a small matter to deprive them of the privilege of choosing their own chiefs. I cannot doubt but such proceedings will one day be followed by merited reprobation from man as well as by the just judgments of Heaven.