Cherokee Phoenix


Published July, 9, 1831

Page 2 Column 3b


It has again become our duty to record further arrests of missionaries by the Georgia Guard. On last Thursday, Rev. James L. Trott, Methodist itinerant preacher, whose arrest and imprisonment we lately had occasion to notice, was again taken. In the evening of the same day a detachment of the Guard, commanded by Brooks, arrived at this place and arrested the Rev. Samuel A. Worcester; and we understand another party went to Turnip Mountain to take Doct. Butler. It is said also they have a Cherokee along, arrested for digging gold. We are not yet certain whether Mr. Worcester, on account of the state of his family, will be taken into Georgia. It is well known to the Officers of the Guard, we presume, in what a feeble state of health Mrs. Worcester is. We think they will be somewhat forbearing on that account (as they undoubtedly ought to be.) Thursday night Mr. Worcester was permitted to remain in his own house, and early on Friday he was taken to Oogedogee where the Commander was quartered.

These arbitrary measures begin to wear a melancholy aspect. They show how far persecution and despotism can be carried in a republican government. But they will open the eyes of the people ere long.- They will then be seen in their naked deformity, ' be followed by the reprobation of the whole civilized world. The honest portion of the community are already awaking, and are beginning to inquire why this system of persecution is carried on in such an unrelenting manner? As a specimen of the feelings of some we insert the following extract of a letter received by the last mail.:

We have read with deep interest the proceedings of Georgia and of the General Government in regard to the missionaries in your nation.**** Oppression will no doubt reach its utmost limit ere long. There is a point where endurance on the part of the people of the United States will cease; already some of the best friends of the President and of the administration are astonished at the extremities, to which they in concert with Georgia are driving their system of persecution and oppression. Still self interest blinds the minds and hardens the hearts of multitudes.