Pottery Traditions:
Omar Khayyam and Throckmorton Potteries, Candler

Oscar Lewis Bachelder (1852-1935) had worked as an itinerant potter for nearly 40 years before settling near Candler in 1911. He was almost 60 years old when he established the Omar Khayyam Pottery, naming it for a Persian poet-philosopher to give his pottery a distinct artistic flare. Bachelder produced decorative works that came to be known as “art pottery,” meaning that the work departed from the standard brown stoneware jug that was so commonly produced at the time. Bachelder produced vases and jars with simple shapes and embellished them with a variety of glazed surfaces. He used a glossy black Albany slip, a deep cobalt blue, and a variety of experimental iridescent glazes. His art pottery received national attention and, in 1919, he was awarded a medal from the Applied Arts Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. When Bachelder died in 1935, the pottery changed hands and, for several years, was operated as Throckmorton Pottery.