The Collection

from the SHCG archive

The Craft Revival project's primary objective is to create a web-based digital history documenting the Craft Revival movement that occurred in western North Carolina from 1895 to1945. A main component of the project is a virtual collection of documents, photographs, craft objects, and artifacts that tells the story of the Craft Revival. This virtual collection consists of digital surrogates that reside together in a database, maintained by Western Carolina University's Hunter Library.

Most of the original materials used to produce the digital images in the virtual collection are housed in seven partner institutions. You can access partner collections through their finding aids here:

from the SHCG archive

Individual collection guides for each of the project's partner institutions give information about each institution, general information about their collections, and specific information about the collections from which materials were selected for the Craft Revival virtual collection.

A collection policy provides guidance for what materials are selected, digitized, and included in this virtual collection.