Pottery Traditions:
Brown's Pottery, Arden

men beside jug taller than them
Javan and Davis Brown with the "world's tallest pot," 1920s; Photograph courtesy of Rodney H. Leftwich.
The Brown family had operated a pottery in Georgia before moving to North Carolina and opening Brown's Pottery in Arden in 1924. Brothers–Davis Pennington Brown (1895-1967) and Evan Javan Brown (1897-1980)–initially produced utilitarian ware, but eventually changed over to art pottery. They once made a pot that stood over six feet tall, claiming it to be the largest piece of pottery every made. Brown Pottery is also known for its face jugs, with bulging eyes and big teeth on the exterior surface of the pot. Brown's Pottery is still in operation today.
Brown's Pottery, 2398 Hendersonville Hwy, Arden; 828-684-2901