Cherokee Phoenix

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Published January, 15, 1831

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From the Adams Sentinel.


A large and highly respectable meeting of Citizens, of Adams County, Pennsylvania, was held in pursuance of public notice, at the court-house in Gettysburg, on Saturday the 18th inst. to take measures to have a proper expression of public opinion in behalf of oppressed Indians. WALTER SMITH, Esq. was called to the chair, and M.C. Clarkson and Peter Hulick appointed Secretarie.

After some remarks; it was on motion,

Resolved, That a committee be appointed to draft and report to the and report to the meeting resolutions expressive of their views upon the subject; as a memorial to Congress.

T. Stephens, J. F. Macfarlane; and John Dickson, Esqrs. were appointed said Committee; who, after a short period, reported the following Resolutions -- which were unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That we feel deep and intense interest in preserving the elevated character which our country has hitherto sustained, pure and unpolluted by an act of treachery on want of faith.

Resolved, That we believe the faith of our country is pledged, by numerous treaties, and solemn guaranties to protect the Indians within the prescribed limits of the State of Georgia, in the undisturbed possession of those lands have inherited from their fathers, until they voluntarily cede their right to the same.

Resolved, that we view with feelings of sorrow and regret, the measures now in progress, by a regular series of oppressive acts, to dispossess unlawfully, ' unjustly, of their natural inheritance, those unfortunate men.

Resolved, That it is the duty of every good man to let his voice be heard by the constituted authorities, against what he conceives tyranny and oppression of the weak and defenseless, an infraction of the solemn guaranty of the nation, and a b reach of solemn faith.

The Committee asked further time to prepare the Memorial to Congress -- which was granted by the meeting.

Resolved. That these proceedings be signed by the Chairman and Secretaries and published in all the papers of this borough.


M. C. Clarkson

Peter Hulick, Secretaries.