Cherokee Phoenix

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Published January, 15, 1831

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From the National Intelligencer.

MESSRS. GALES AND SEAFON. -- Gentlemen -- We have seen, since our arrival in Washington, two erroneous statements, as it regards the Cherokees, copied into your paper from Southern prints, which we beg permission to correct.

It is first stated that 'the Cherokees are willing to enter into a treaty, provided reservations in fee are given to certain characters'; etc.

Secondly, it is said that 'President Jackson informed Governor Gilmer that a treaty could be made with the Cherokees, suitable reservations being made to certain chiefs, who wished to remain', etc.

Not long since a special agent was despatched by the President to the Cherokees to make certain propositions, among which was the offer of large reservations; and to ascertain whether or not they would treat. He attended the late General Council of the Nation, made known his business as a written communication, and persuading the Chiefs and People of the liberality of the propositions submitted by a speech before the Council, and in the presence of a large concourse of citizens, in which the selfish interests of all were addressed, and the terror of force on the part of Georgia to survey and dispose of their lands by lottery to her citizens, was set forth in bold relief. The reply of the Council affords abundant evidence of the determination of the Cherokees not to treat, even upon the proviso alluded to, and a resolution to hazard all their rights to the danger threatened, rather than to suffer personal interests to predominate over their better reason; and at the same time relying on the justice of the constituted authorities of the United States for protection. They have repeatedly declared to the Government and this agent their solemn determination never again to cede another foot of land, and, whatever may be said to the contrary, they are firmly and unalterably resolved never again to expose their interests, their happiness and their country in market.

Respectfully your obedient servants,




Cherokee Delegation.

Washington City, 11th Dec. 1830.