Cherokee Phoenix

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Published January, 15, 1831

Page 4 Column 5b

five column format

The President has explicitly laid before the American people, in his Message, his views with respect to the Indians -- that the General Government has no right to protect them against the oppressive laws of the States within whose prescribed limits any tribe may be located and says it is the duty of every good man to urge them to remove! And has it come to this? Must our national honor be lost sight of -- solemn treaties be broken -- disgrace certain, inevitable, and just, be entailed upon our posterity, to gratify the nations of a few 'clothed with a little brief authority?' God forbid. We trust there is a redeeming spirit in the nation -- Which will yet save us from deep and lasting dishonor!

He calls the Cherokees amongst others, 'a few wandering savages!' They are such savages, as may put white men to the blush -- an in the piety of many of them, the 'civilized Christian' might find an example worthy to be imitated.

Because some of the young men voluntarily seek their fortunes in the far west, leaving friends and kindred behind -- therefore the poor Indian, who has just emerged from the darkness of his barbarism, into the light of civilization and comfort, must be forced from the home of his father by tyranny and oppression, in the face of solemn treaty and pledged national honor -- and if a tear is shed over his hapless fate, it is called false humanity! And this is to be the established doctrine of the day -- and the principle upon which our Government is to be administered,, with respect to those unfortunate red men! Heaven grant, that deserved judgments may be averted from our country!

Adams Sentinel