Cherokee Phoenix

NEW ECHOTA, Oct. 20, 1830

Published October, 23, 1830

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NEW ECHOTA, Oct. 20, 1830.

Col. John Lowrey.

SIR -- Your note of this day is received, in answer to that of the General Council, of the 19th inst. in which you say, we requested an exhibition of your authority by way of communication. We have examined our note and find that you are only required to communicate with us through the Executive of this nation at any time most convenient to yourself. In this we did not intend 'to clog, embarrass or impede by Etiquette, new distinctions' or the interview you requested and to which we have complied in the manner stated.

It may not be improper to inform you that we requested the Principal Chief to be satisfied of your official character as a preliminary to the interview proposed, as you unofficially signed your name to the note addressed to the Council. It is our intention and wish to listen to you in candor and communicate with you in friendship, whenever you think best in the mode heretofore proposed.


Pres't Com.

To the Committee and Council

I enclose herewith a copy of a note just received from John Lowrey, informing me that he has come into the nation agreeably to the desire of the Honorable Secretary of War, to explain by fair arguments the views of the General Government toward this nation, and requesting me to 'communicate his intentions to the proper authorities of the nation' and to let him know at what time it will be most convenient for them to hear him. It is proper I should state for your information that Mr. Lowrey has not as yet exhibited before me any evidence of his authority to speak in behalf of the General Government. The subject is submitted for your consideration.

Very respectfully, I am 'c.