Cherokee Phoenix

NEW ECHOTA, C.N., 21st Oct. 1830

Published October, 23, 1830

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NEW ECHOTA, C.N., 21st Oct. 1830.


SIR -- The Committee and Council, in General Council convened, deem it unnecessary to exhibit a detailed statement of their objections to the propositions submitted through you by the special Agent of Government Col. John Lowrey. The special Agent in his remarks was understood to say, that, whenever the State of Georgia thinks proper to enter the territories of this nation, and survey it, the President would not interfere or prevent her, and that citizens of Georgia would then draw for the land agreeably to their laws. In other words, they would take it by force, without any opposition from the General Government. We have not sought the difficulties, the special Agent has enumerated in bold relief, nor are we prepared to run away from the trials that beset us; and if any officers of the United States harbor the expectation of driving a bargain with us, by withdrawing the protection of the United States guarantied to us by treaty, we can only say that they have only to continue their policy, until it leads them to a point, beyond which it will be in vain to expect success; and it is best known to themselves how far they will go.

Reservations in fee have been offered, to which we say, we have no disposition to alter the extent of our reservation as defined by former treaties -- the limits of the whole Cherokee Nation. It is the desire of the Council, that the special Agent may receive this as an answer to the propositions submitted for our consideration.

If it is thought expedient on your part to reply more fully to the communication referred to, the Council can have no objection.

JOHN RIDGE, Pres't Com.

GOING SNAKE, Spkr. Coun.