Cherokee Phoenix

New Echota

Published September, 3, 1828

Page 2 Column 5a

New Echota:

Wednesday, September 3, 1828

The principal Chiefs were to start last Monday on a tour through the Nations, we presume to prepare the minds of the people for the coming of the Agent and his two Cherokee friends. This new step of the General Government being so unexpected to a large portion of our citizens, unguarded persons may be tempted to employ violent measures (not against the Agent, but against his assistants.) It is therefore important that they should be advised to use as much forbearance and lenity as the circumstances of the case will admit. For our part we should be extremely sorry to notice anything like violence offered against the two Arkansas Cherokees, while they are fostered by the United States. We are not sorry that this experiment is to be made, for we expect the repeated assertion that the majority of the Cherokees are willing to remove, is now to be falsified.


The following is from the Georgia Journal. All that we have to say to it, is that, the intelligent gentleman did not communicate a very intelligent information, and that if the hope for our removal is to be raised by such means, that hope may be kept up fifty times a year, and as often blasted.


In a conversation which we lately had with an intelligent gentleman, we were given to understand that the prospect of a removal of those Indians residing within the limits of Georgia was very good, and would certainly take place at no very distant day.- This auspicious result was to be brot' [sic] about by the operation of the treaty made last winter, with the Cherokees west of the Mississippi. It was even stated to us that, Ridge, Vann, Ross, and perhaps some other influential individuals were making purchases of property west of the Mississippi with the view to removal. So encouraging was all this, that, we had high hopes of witnessing the early fulfulment [sic] of the wishes of Georgia in this regard.- But the following information, has dashed them all.

Here follows the information received from Arkansas in regard to the dissatisfaction expressed by the Cherokees to the late treaty.


(In Cherokee)