Cherokee Phoenix

From the New York Observer

Published September, 3, 1828

Page 3 Column 4b

From the New York Observer.


Last winter, one of the Fire Companies in Brooklyn passed a resolution, prohibiting the use of spiritous [sic] liquor as a refreshment in cases of fire. It was doubted, by some of its members, whether the measure could be carried into effect, in consequence of the erroneous impression which prevailed, that men could not work at an engine any length of time unless assisted by what is considered a moderate supply of spirituous liquor.

At the time spirituous liquor was abandoned by this Company, they provided an apparatus at their engine house for making coffee. The late great fire in Brooklyn afforded an excellent opportunity to test the experiment. While other Companies were with their usual refreshment, No.- drank their hot coffee. Every member was satisfied that they were more refreshed by this, than they ever had been by the use of liquor on similar occasion; and what was highly gratifying, several members of other Companies left their brandy, rum, 'c. to take a cup of coffee with this Company, who had thus taken the lead on the side of temperance.

The members of several other Companies are endeavoring to get similar resolutions passed; and I have no doubt the force of example will be sufficiently strong to drive the use, or rather abuse, of spirituous liquors, at times of fire, our of all the Fire Companies in Brooklyn, and substitute in the place of poison, wholesome